Webzilla to Participate at eCOM21 Conference in Riga

Webzilla is proud to support the second e-commerce conference е-СОМ21, which will be held in Riga on the 21st - 22nd of November, 2013.

The vast majority of last year's conference participants support the idea of the conference to become a regular event. This interest is further confirmed by the considerable attention paid to the conference on the part of specialists in related industries and the business media.

Among the forum guests, there will be providers and organizers of internet trading, software developers, representatives of international payment systems and specialists of companies engaged in non-trade segments of e-commerce, specialists in international law and taxation issues.

Webzilla strongly believes that the participation in the conference will allow the company to establish personal contacts with leading experts and top managers - key players in e-markets of Russia, Europe and America.