Webzilla Sets the Cloud Free for the World Backup Day

Amsterdam, Netherlands, 31 March 2014- Webzilla, part of XBT Holding Ltd., joins the digital community in acknowledging the importance of data security via backup.

Data loss is a major issue, with 70% of small businesses experiencing data loss yearly and just 6% of them managing to continue their operations without significant consequences. Limited diversification of backup solutions, with most users having backups only on external hard drives or dedicated servers, is one of the main reasons for data loss. Recent development however, shows positive signs as cloud backup solutions become more affordable and wide spread.

Cloud backup is a somewhat new concept but has acquired a lot of attention. A main benefit of the cloud backup is the fact that customers pay only for the storage space they use as opposed to local storage where a half utilized hard drive is still paid in full. The speed at which restoration is made also is at a different level. The difference in 1 TB restoration between local and cloud backup is 2 hours and 45 minutes of operational time. On top of that, cloud backup does not require additional human resources as maintenance is done by the service provider.

"It is important not to neglect the data loss issue. By celebrating the World Backup Day, we want to create awareness and encourage people to ensure the safety of their sensible information," said Konstantin Bezruchenko, CTO of Webzilla "Our aim is not to confine people to one backup solution, on the contrary we have developed a flexible cloud backup that allows people to easily incorporate different means of protection."

Webzilla understands the importance of data safety and has developed a cloud backup solution specifically targeting the issue. Being based on an open platform, the Webzilla cloud backup allows its users to combine variety of backup options like local backups, Cloud backups to locations of Webzilla Cloud in Europe and United States and simultaneous backups to Webzilla Cloud and other public and private clouds. Moreover, the numerous integrations with Windows and Linux backup utilities enable different types of encryption, boosting security. Continuous synchronization between the Webzilla cloud and the customer's local storages ensures ease of access. Due to resource pooling and optimal data allocation, Webzilla cloud backup sees tenfold reduction in price for the end user, in comparison to traditional backup.

For more information regarding the Webzilla Cloud Backup, visit files.webzilla.com.

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