Webzilla Instant Servers migration

Dear Webzilla Instant Servers customers,

Thank you for choosing and trusting us.

In our aspiration to provide better services, we, together with our partners from Servers.com, have decided to migrate all Webzilla cloud instances to Servers.com.

Servers.com cloud platform provides all features Webzilla Instant Servers does, and at the same time:

- Your costs with Servers.com will be lower
- Servers.com provides instances with faster CPUs
- Servers.com provides more network throughput for its cloud instances
- With Servers.com you can have your instances joined in a Free Global Private Network
- Servers.com has more features - for example, booting instances from your own images and two-factor authentication for all important actions on virtual machines

Your instances in Webzilla will be up and running for the next two months until June 26. Should you need to scale your cloud in Webzilla while the migration is not finished, you will be able to scale up, adding 20% of your current resources. After June 26, Webzilla Instant Servers will be shut down.

While the migration is not finished, your virtual machines at Servers.com in the configurations matching to those in Webzilla will be provided for you at no cost.

While we are not performing managed migration from Webzilla to Servers.com, we offer you two ways you can perform it yourself:

- Simply by running new instances and moving your software there manually.
- By downloading snapshots of your virtual machines from Webzilla, and spinning instances from these images at Servers.com. Instructions on how to use this method can be found by the following link: http://docs.webzilla.com/how_to_migrate.pdf

Within next 3 days you will receive an email from Servers.com with your login and Cloud API credentials. Please inform us if you prefer us not to create an account at Servers.com for you, if you would like to create it yourself. Your new account at Servers.com will be topped up with a sum equivalent to the cost of all your VM commitments plus the cost of running virtual machines and snapshots for 2 months.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your account manager or Webzilla sales department at sales@webzilla.com.

Thank you for your understanding, and we hope you will like the new home for your cloud machines. We fully understand you may experience certain level of inconvenience at first, but we are positive your experience with Servers.com will make up for this inconvenience very soon.